EC-Council – Common Cybersecurity Attacks and Defense Strategies

امنیت سایبری ، ریشه ی اصلی تکنولوژی ها، فرآیندها و شیوه های طراحی شده برای محافظت از شبکه ها، کامپیوترها، برنامه ها و داده ها در مقابل حملات، خسارات و دسترسی های غیرمجاز است. در یک زمینه محاسباتی، امنیت شامل دو بخش امنیت سایبری و امنیت فیزیکی می شود و اطمینان یابی از امنیت سایبری نیاز به تلاش های هماهنگ در سرتاسر سیستم اطلاعات دارد. در این دوره به بررسی مفاهیم یادگیری موثر برای شناسایی و محافظت در برابر حملات مشترک و بررسی نمونه هایی از حملات موثر امنیت سایبری و نتایج ویرانگر آنها پرداخته می شود.

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By Lisa Gilbert
Released August 2020
Publisher(s): EC-Council

Course Overview

Bad actors are constantly hunting for your personal and proprietary information to use against you for their profit. Attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated, so you must learn to recognize their methods and start defending your cyberspace today.

This course teaches you to recognize the most common and most devastating attacks. Relevant, timely information is your best weapon against attackers; learn and understand the latest strategies that will be used against you. Armed with the knowledge to recognize the attacks, you will be prepared to defend against them. You will transform yourself and your personnel from your greatest vulnerability to your greatest asset in defending your cyberspace.
What You Will Learn

  • You will learn the most frequent methods your adversaries will use to attack your people and your network
  • See examples of effective cybersecurity attacks and their devastating outcomes
  • Learn effective techniques to detect and protect against common attacks

Course Overview

Chapter 1: Common Cybersecurity Attacks and Defense Strategies
1 Lessons
Course Overview3:9 Mins

9 Lessons
Phishing13:17 Mins
Spear Phishing10:38 Mins
Whaling10:31 Mins
Smishing8:12 Mins
Vishing9:10 Mins
Dumpster Diving4:57 Mins
Tailgating5:8 Mins
Baiting7:18 Mins
Impersonation8:42 Mins

  • Design

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