Corporate Cybersecurity: Identifying Risks and the Bug Bounty Program

برنامه های Bug Bounty به محققان امنیتی مستقل اجازه می دهد اشکالات را به سازمانی گزارش دهند و در مقابل پاداش دریافت کنند. این اشکالات معمولاً سو استفاده های امنیتی و آسیب پذیری هستند، گرچه می توانند شامل مشکلات فرآیند، نقص سخت افزاری و غیره نیز باشند. این برنامه ها معمولاً از طریق وب سایت ها و کسب و کارهای شخص ثالث و به صورت مستقلی اجرا می شود (مانند Bugcrowd یا HackerOne) یا حتی ممکن است سازمانی خود برنامه ای را تنظیم و اجرا می کند که متناسب با نیازهای سازمان باشد.

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Date: October 2021
Price: $88.00
Pages: 224
Format: EPUB, PDF
By: John Jackson
Publisher: Wiley
ISBN: 978-1-119-78254-4



An insider’s guide showing companies how to spot and remedy vulnerabilities in their security programs

A bug bounty program is offered by organizations for people to receive recognition and compensation for reporting bugs, especially those pertaining to security exploits and vulnerabilities. Corporate Cybersecurity gives cyber and application security engineers (who may have little or no experience with a bounty program) a hands-on guide for creating or managing an effective bug bounty program. Written by a cyber security expert, the book is filled with the information, guidelines, and tools that engineers can adopt to sharpen their skills and become knowledgeable in researching, configuring, and managing bug bounty programs.

This book addresses the technical aspect of tooling and managing a bug bounty program and discusses common issues that engineers may run into on a daily basis. The author includes information on the often-overlooked communication and follow-through approaches of effective management. Corporate Cybersecurity provides a much-needed resource on how companies identify and solve weaknesses in their security program. This important book:

  • Contains a much-needed guide aimed at cyber and application security engineers
  • Presents a unique defensive guide for understanding and resolving security vulnerabilities
  • Encourages research, configuring, and managing programs from the corporate perspective
  • Topics covered include bug bounty overview; program set-up; vulnerability reports and disclosure; development and application Security Collaboration; understanding safe harbor and SLA

Written for professionals working in the application and cyber security arena, Corporate Cybersecurity offers a comprehensive resource for building and maintaining an effective bug bounty program.


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