AWS Certified Big Data – Specialty Complete Video Course and Practice Test (Video Training)

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AWS که مخفف Amazon Web Services است یک سرویس ابری امن است که خدماتی مثل قدرت محاسبه،ذخیره سازی پایگاه داده،تحویل محتوا و سایر قابلیت هایی که به رشد کسب و کار شما میکند ارائه میدهد. البته این خدمات و سرویس با توجه به بزرگی و رشد کسب و کار شما ارائه میشود. AWS مجموعه وسیعی از خدمات زیر ساختی را ارئه میدهد،از جمله قدرت محاسباتی ،گزینه های ذخیره سازی،شیکه و پایگاه های داده. AWS به عنوان یک ابزار بر اساس تقاضا ارائه شده است و شما بر اساس میزان استفاده از این خدمات هزینه پرداخت میکنید.

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  • Copyright 2019
  • Edition: 1st
  • Price: $299.99
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-577233-8
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-577233-1
  • By: Robert Jordan, Chris Brousseau, Noah Gift
  • Published: Jun 28, 2019 by Pearson IT Certification
11.5+ Hours of Video Instruction

AWS leads the world in cloud computing and big data. This course offers the complete package to help practitioners master the core skills and competencies needed to build successful, high-value big data applications, with a clear path toward passing the certification exam AWS Certified Big Data – Specialty.
This course provides a solid foundation in all areas required to pass the AWS Certified Big Data Specialty Exam–including Collection, Storage, Processing, Analysis, Visualization, and Data Security. In addition, multiple quizzes and a practice exam prepare the student for the formal Certification Exam administered by AWS.


This course provides case study—based training, designed completely around Jupyter notebook—based learning using only AWS big data technologies. Every exercise shown in this video can be run interactively by the students watching. The material exclusively focuses on AWS, with the goal of building enough foundation that the learner can achieve certification.

Most companies struggle with widely varied, high-volume, and fast-moving data. After years of hype around big data, tools and infrastructure have improved to the point where companies are way beyond pilot projects and proofs-of-concept. Big data, where parallel processing is needed just to do the work, is the new normal. AWS leads the world in cloud computing and big data. This course offers a clear path toward certification by AWS on Big Data solutions, which is needed in a competitive job market. This course fills a known gap in this rapidly growing space.

Skill Level
  • Intermediate level developers
What You Will Learn

Students will:

  • Learn how to perform collection tasks on AWS
  • Learn how to use the appropriate storage solution for Big Data on AWS
  • Learn how to perform processing tasks on the AWS platform
  • Learn how to couple Visualization, Analysis, and Data Security to reason about Big Data on AWS
  • Learn how to think about the AWS Big Data Certification exam to optimize for the best outcome.
Who Should Take This Course
  • You are a DevOps Engineer who wants to understand how to operationalize Big Data workloads.
  • You are a Software Engineer who wants to master Big Data terminology and practices on AWS.
  • You are a Machine Learning Engineer who wants to solidify their knowledge of AWS Big Data practices.
  • You are a Product Manager who needs to understand the AWS Big Data lifecycle.
  • You are a Data Scientist who runs Big Data workloads on AWS.
Course Requirements


  • 1-2 years of experience with AWS and six months using Big Data tools: Spark, Hadoop, and Python
  • Ideally, candidates would have already passed the AWS Cloud Practitioner cert
  • Access to a modern web browser
  • AWS Account
  • Design

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