A Practical Introduction to Enterprise Network and Security Management مقدمه ای عملی برای مدیریت شبکه و امنیت سازمانی

در حال حاضر دسترسی غیرمجاز به اطلاعات سیستم ها در سازمانها یک تهدید جدي براي سازمانها محسوب می شود. این دسترسی ها ممکن است توسط عوامل خارجی و داخلی صورت گیرد. لذا سازمان ها ناگزیر به دنبال پیاده سازي استاندارهاي امنیتی می باشند. تحقق این امر علاوه بر اعمال مسائل تکنیکی، ایجاد سیاستهاي کنترلی و همچنین ایجاد رویه هاي صحیح که درصد امنیت اطلاعات را بالا می برد ، بکارگیري ” سیستمهاي مدیریت امنیت اطلاعات ” را الزامی کرده است. سیستم امنیت اطلاعات بر پایه ویژگی هاي سازمانها تعریف می شود و بوسیله اجراي یکسري از کنترل هاي مناسب حاصل خواهد شد.

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 A Practical Introduction to Enterprise Network and Security Management
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A Practical Introduction to Enterprise Network and Security Management

English | 9 Aug. 2017 | ISBN: 1498787975 | 614 Pages | PDF (conv)by Bongsik Shin

Computer networking and cybersecurity are challenging subjects, partly because of the constant rise and fall of related technologies and IT paradigms. As the title implies, much focus of this book is on providing the audience with practical, as well as, theoretical knowledge necessary to build a solid ground for a successful professional career.

A Practical Introduction to Enterprise Network and Security Management contains 12 chapters of the correct amount of coverage for a semester or quarter. It balances introductory and fairly advanced subjects on computer networking and cybersecurity to deliver effectively technical and managerial knowledge. It explains sometimes challenging concepts in a manner that students can follow with careful reading.

A Practical Introduction to Enterprise Network and Security Management is designed to offer impactful, hands-on learning experiences without relying on a computer lab. First, each chapter comes with practical exercise questions. In the class setting, they are good as individual or group assignments. Many of them are based on simulated or real cases, and take advantage of actual industry products and systems for a reader to better relate theories to practice. Second, there are a number of information-rich screen shots, figures, and tables in each chapter carefully constructed to solidify concepts and thus enhance visual learning.

A Practical Introduction to Enterprise Network and Security Management

Is written for students studying management information systems, accounting information systems, or computer science in a semester of 15 to 16 weeks, and exposed to the subject for the first time
Takes advantage of many real cases and examples, and actual industry products and services (software, hardware, and configurations) so that students can better relate concepts and theories to practice
Explains subjects in a systematic, but very practical manner that students can follow through
Provides students with practical understanding of both computer networking and cybersecurity
Contains highly practical exercise questions, which can be individual or group assignments within or without the class, included in each chapter to reinforce learning.
In addition to the thorough technical details, managerial issues including, enterprise network planning, design, and management from the practitioner’s perspective are embedded throughout the text to assist balanced learning. Bearing in mind of the critical importance of security in today’s enterprise networks, the text discusses the implications of network design and management on enterprise security whenever appropriate. Lastly, to reinforce knowledge in security management further, two chapters introduce the fundamentals of cybersecurity in terms of threat types and defense techniques.


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