Mastering CentOS 7 Linux Server

CentOS یک نسخه جدید از سیستم لینوکس در خانواده RPM و یکی از گسترده ترین سیستم عامل های مورد استفاده بسیاری از سازمان های سراسر جهان است. در این دوره، به بررسی و کشف ابزارهای مدیریت سرور CentOS 7 لینوکس و اجرای برخی از رایج ترین سرویس های لینوکس شروع  می شودو با ابزار امنیتی موجود در CentOS 7 و همچنین با جزئیات دقیق در مورد چگونگی پیاده سازی و استقرار یک محیط امنیتی برای یک سازمان آشنا خواهید شد.

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Video Details
ISBN 139781787284524
Muhammad Atif Ramzan
Friday, June 15, 2018
Course Length 3 hours and 37 minutes

Video Description
a brand-new version of the CentOS Linux system in the RPM family and is one of the most widely-used operating systems by many organizations across the World. Most server infrastructures are equipped with at least one Linux server that provides many essential services, both in terms of users and the infrastructure itself.

In this course, you will start by exploring the administration tools of CentOS 7 Linux server and implementing some of the most common Linux services. You’ll get your hands on CentOS 7’s built-in security tool. Next, you will be introduced to the most commonly used services and shown in detail how to implement and deploy a secure and production-grade environment for your organization following the open-source DevOps model. Then, you will start to monitor your infrastructure/server using open-source tools. You will then move on to master virtualization and cloud computing techniques by deploying and configuring IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service). After that, you will work on open-source tools for the configuration and management of multiple nodes. Additionally, you will learn about RAID software-based storage and its advanced configurations.

By the end of this course, you will have learned to monitor servers/infrastructure and master the art of virtualization, cloud computing techniques, configuration management, software-based storage (RAID), and some security tweaks.

Style and Approach
This is a detailed and in-depth guide to help you administer CentOS 7 for use with your server’s infrastructure and also for personal network security. This course will show you a list of tools and utilities you can use to perform the required task, in an easy-to-understand way.
Table of Contents
Advance User Management
Linux for Different Purposes
Mail Server with Postfix
Monitoring and Logging
Cloud Computing
Configuration Management
Storage Administration

What You Will Learn
Secure your Centos 7 Linux server
Use Linux for different purposes
Configure a mail server with Postfix
Securely monitor a remote server with Zabbix
Managing logs using journals
Configure your virtual machine with virtualization techniques
Explore cloud computing and configuration management

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