Linux for Network Engineers: Practical Linux with GNS3 – لینوکس برای مهندسان شبکه: آموزش عملی لینوکس با جی‌ان‌اس۳

Linux for Network Engineers: Practical Linux with GNS3 – یک شبکه کامپیوتری یا مخابراتی، شامل تجهیزاتی است که اجرای آن در مقیاس تجاری، معمولاً با هزینه های زمانی و مالی چشمگیری همراه است. بنابراین لازم است قبل از اجرای واقعی شبکه، یک مدل سازی و Emulation از شبکه مورد نظر انجام شود تا بررسی های لازم صورت گرفته و مشکلات احتمالی شبکه، شناسایی و برطرف گردد. برای این کار نیاز به ابزاری داریم که تجهیزات شبکه را برای ما Emulate کند. یکی از این ابزارها برای انجام Emulation شبکه، شبیه ساز یا بهتر است بگوییم امولاتور GNS3 می باشد.

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Linux for Networking Engineers (CCNA, CCNP, CCIE etc). Practical Linux with GNS3 = network programmability & automation

Created by David Bombal, Experts with David Bombal
Last updated 1/2018
Price $34.99
10.5 hours on-demand video
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What Will I Learn?
Learn foundational Linux skills
Learn how to practically use Linux in your networks
Build Linux networks using GNS3

CCNA or basic networking knowledge

It is important for you as a network engineer to learn Linux!

Why? There are many reasons including:
1) A lot of network operating systems are based on Linux, or have a Linux shell you can access, or use Linux type commands. I’ll show you an example using Cisco, Arista and Cumulus Linux.
2) Network Automation tools such as Ansible don’t run the command node on Windows. You are probably going to use Linux with tools such as Ansible, Netmkio, NAPALM and other network automation tools.
3) SDN controllers such as OpenDaylight, ONOS, RYU and APIC-EM run on Linux.You will find that many SDN tools require Linux.
4) DevOps tools such as git work best with Linux.
5) IoT devices typically run Linux
6) A new breed of network devices from companies like Facebook, Microsoft and Cumulus Linux use Linux.

There are even more reasons, but make sure you don’t get left behind! You as a network engineer start learning Linux.

This course teaches foundational Linux knowledge without assuming that you have any Linux experience. Learn practically with GNS3!

Learn how to configure Linux networking, how to create users and assign permissions, how to install and run Linux services such as DNS and DHCP.

The course uses various GNS3 topologies with devices such as:

1) Linux Docker containers
2) Linux GNS3 QEMU virtual machines
3) Traditional Linux virtual mahcines
4) Network devices – you could use Cisco, Arista, Cumulus Linux or others

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