Microsoft System Center 2016 Orchestrator Cookbook – Second Edition کتاب مایکروسافت سیستم سنتر ارکستریتور

System Center مجموعه ابزاری قدرتمند و انعطاف‌پذیر برای مدیریت شبکه و سرور بوده که توسط مایکروسافت ارائه می‌شود. این محصولات به طور کلی برای سهولت Administration در شبکه‌های مبتنی بر Active Directory طراحی شده است. Microsoft System Center در حقیقت یک مجموعه از محصولات مدیریتی مایکروسافت است که برای کمک کردن به مدیران IT سازمان‌ها برای مدیریت و پشتیبانی بهتر و آسان‌تر سیستم‌های Server و Client در شبکه‌های تحت این سیستم عامل طراحی شده است و شامل محصولات متنوعی است که هر کدام به منظور رفع بخشی از نیازهای یک مدیر IT طراحی شده‌اند.Orchestrator یکی از اجزای جدید ارائه شده در System Center می‌­باشد. این برنامه یک ابزار بسیار قدرتمند جهت مدیریت روندها و پروسه‌های کاری است که در حقیقت یک راهکار مدیریت گردش کارجهت مراکز داده می­‌باشد. این محصول امکان ایجاد، نظارت، و به کارگیری از منابع به طور خودکار را فراهم می‌سازد…

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 Microsoft System Center 2016 Orchestrator Cookbook – Second Edition
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Microsoft System Center 2016 Orchestrator Cookbook – Second Edition

Book Details
ISBN 139781786460462
English | 26 July 2017 | ASIN: B073QVY7LV
Paperback310 pages

Book Description
With Microsoft System Center 2016 Orchestrator Cookbook, you will start by learning how to efficiently install and secure System Center Orchestrator. You will then learn how you can create configuration files for SCO 2016. After initial installation and configuration, you will soon be planning and creating functional and fault-tolerant System Center runbooks to automate daily tasks and routine operations. Next you will delve into runbooks; you will learn how to create powerful and advanced runbooks such as Building your Runbook without a Dead End. You will also learn to create simple and advanced runbooks for your daily tasks. Towards the end of the book, you will learn to use SCO for other interesting tasks and also learn to maintain and perform SCO health checks.

By the end of the book, you will be able to automate your administrative tasks successfully with SCO.

Table of Contents
1: Unpacking System Center 2016 Orchestrator
2: The Initial Configuration of SCO 2016
3: Planning and Creating Runbooks
4: Building Advanced Runbooks
5: Simple Runbooks for Your Daily Tasks
6: Advanced Runbooks for Your Daily Tasks
7: Doing More with Orchestrator

What You Will Learn
Create runbooks for IT Service Management processes
Design and create Runbooks for System Center Confguration Manager and Virtual Machine Manager
Set up System Center Orchestrator, making it highly available
Create branching, looping, and child runbooks to completely master System Center 2016 Orchestrator
Implement a security model for your System Center Orchestrator deployment and to execute Runbooks
Manage and automate your datacenter with powerful runbooks
Automate your System Center environment

Michael Seidl

Michael Seidl is a senior consultant and team leader in service management and automation, working for Base-IT, a Gold Partner in Systems Management, located in Austria. He is a two-time System Center Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP and a well-certified Microsoft Engineer with MCSA and MCSE.

His experience as an IT consultant has been growing since 2001 and is mainly focused on SCDPM, SCO, SCSM, and PowerShell. Working with some of the biggest companies in Austria gives him the opportunity to work on great projects with complex requirements. Michael is focused on transforming IT departments through service management, systems management, cloud technologies, and automation.

Michael regularly shares his experience on the TechNet Forum. You can follow him on Twitter at @TechguyAt. His Facebook page is TechguyAT.

Andreas Baumgarten
Andreas Baumgarten is a Microsoft MVP and works as an IT Architect with the German IT service provider H&D International Group. He has been working as an IT professional for more than 20 years. Microsoft technologies have always accompanied him, and he can also look back on more than 14 years’ experience as a Microsoft Certified Trainer. Since 2008, he has been responsible for the field of Microsoft System Center technology consulting and ever since has taken part in Microsoft System Center Service Manager (2010, 2012, 2012 R2 and 2016); additionally, he has participated in the Microsoft System Center Technology Adoption Program with H&D since many years. With his deep inside-technology know-how and his broad experience across the Microsoft System Center product family and IT management, he now designs and develops private and hybrid cloud solutions for customers all over Germany and Europe.In July 2017, he was awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) title for System Center Cloud and Datacenter Management for the sixth year in a row.


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