NetApp Simulator 9.1

شرکت NetApp در سال 1992 در آمریکا تاسیس و اولین محصول ذخیره ساز خود را در سال 1993 به بازار عرضه نمود. در حقیقت اولین محصول این شرکت شروع جدیدی در معماری ذخیره سازی اطلاعات عنوان می گردد. هرچند در این تغیر معماری ذخیره سازی اطلاعات سایر تولید کنندگان مطرح دنیا نیز مدعی می باشند ( نظیر IBM و EMC ) اما در رده بندی های جهانی که بر اساس مراجع معتبر و رسمی در دنیا صورت پذیرفته این محصول در رده های اولین ولید کنندگان ذخیره ساز در دنیا قرار گرفته است.
امروزه به سادگی نمی توان دریافت که حقیقتا کدام محصول در رده بندی های جهانی ( رده بندی های تخصصی ) در بالاترین سطح قرار دارد. چراکه هریک از مراجهع ارزیابی تمامی قسمت ها را با یکدیگر مقایسه ننموده و یا آنکه هر محصول مطرح در بخشی از امکانات خود از سایرین پیشی گرفته است. به هر حال کیفیت محصولات این تولید کننده در تمامی رده بندی ها جزء اولین ها قرار گرفته است .و در بسیاری از کشور ها نظیر انگلستان غالب مجموعه ها از این ذخیره ساز استفاده می نمایند.

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 NetApp Simulator 9.1
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NetApp Simulator 9.1

How To:

Version: 9.1
Developer: NetApp
Platform: x86_64 Only
Compatibility with Vista: no
System requirements:
* Hardware requirements
O Dual core 64-bit Intel® architecture laptop or desktop
O 2 GB RAM for one instance of simulator
O 3 GB RAM for two instances of simulator (4 GB recommended)
20 GB free disk space per instance of simulator
O VT support for Intel® based systems
* Software requirements
O For a Windows system
+ Microsoft Windows® XP
+ VMware® Server or VMware® Workstation or VMware® Player
O For a Mac system
+ Mac OS X Version 10.4.11 or higher
+ VMware Fusion ™ 2.03 or higher
* File:

What it is: A tool that gives you the experience of administering and using a NetApp storage system with all the features of Data ONTAP at your disposal.

How it works: The simulator can be loaded onto a Red Hat or SuSE Linux box and looks and feels exactly like Data ONTAP. It has the same code base (with additional wrappers to simulate the hardware) and is included in Engineering’s nightly build process. The simulator is available for Data ONTAP 6.4.5 through 7.2.4.

Why it’s cool: Almost anything you can do with Data ONTAP can be done with the simulator. Without purchasing new hardware or impacting your production environment, you can test functionality, export NFS and CIFS shares, set up fake tape drives, and even simulate two heads on the same box for clustering.

NetApp customers using this for…

Data ONTAP feature testing. The simulator includes fully functional license keys for all NetApp software. You can create WORM-protected files using SnapLock® and a simulated set of populated disks, and after the test you just delete the files instead of throwing away drives. You can test NetApp SAN functionality using iSCSI before implementing in a production FC or iSCSI SAN environment. You can also experiment with features such as FlexVolTM and FlexCloneTM before deploying Data ONTAP 7.0 on production systems.

Application integration. Application developers use the simulator to experiment with and develop applications that use Manage ONTAPTM APIs. The Manage ONTAP SDK (software development kit) contains documentation and C/C++, JavaTM, and Perl libraries.

Bug fix testing. The simulator can be used to confirm that a new release fixes a previous issue without having to physically touch a production machine. Assuming the bug fix is proven, you can test it on real hardware and know that time isn’t being wasted with upgrades and downgrades.

Education. Every admin on your team can have a personal testing environment.

Caveats: This is not a production version of Data ONTAP and should not be used in your production environment. There are inefficiencies (for example, a 1GB disk file will be much larger than 1GB) and performance running on another OS without a disk system behind it will obviously be considerably less than with Data ONTAP. Finally, the simulator can’t emulate environments where specific hardware is required (for example, Fibre Channel).


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