The Ultimate Kali Linux Book – Second Edition

Kali Linux محبوب ترین و پیشرفته ترین تست نفوذ لینوکس در صنعت سایبری است. با استفاده از کالی لینوکس، Cybersecurity قادر به کشف و بهره برداری از آسیب پذیری های مختلف و انجام تست نفوذ پیشرفته در هر دو شبکه  سیمی و بی سیم می باشید. کتاب The Ultimate Kali Linux Book یک راهنمای جامع برای کسانی است که از کالی لینوکس جدید جهت آزمایش تست نفوذ استفاده می کنند. در این کتاب شما با نحوه مفاهیم تست نفوذ، جمع آوری اطلاعات، آشنایی ابزارهای ارزیابی آسیب پذیری مختلف و نقص های امنیتی را در دستگاه ها شناسایی کنید.

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Date: February 2022
Price: $39.99
Pages: 742
By: Glen D. Singh
Format: EPUB, PDF
ISBN: 9781801818933
Publisher: Packt Publishing

Section 1: Getting Started with Penetration Testing
Chapter 1: Introduction to Ethical Hacking
Chapter 2: Building a Penetration Testing Lab
Chapter 3: Setting Up for Advanced Hacking Techniques
Section 2: Reconnaissance and Network Penetration Testing
Chapter 4: Reconnaissance and Footprinting
Chapter 5: Exploring Active Information Gathering
Chapter 6: Performing Vulnerability Assessments
Chapter 7: Understanding Network Penetration Testing
Chapter 8: Performing Network Penetration Testing
Section 3: Red Teaming Techniques
Chapter 9: Advanced Network Penetration Testing — Post Exploitation
Chapter 10: Working with Active Directory Attacks
Chapter 11: Advanced Active Directory Attacks
Chapter 12: Delving into Command and Control Tactics
Chapter 13: Advanced Wireless Penetration Testing
Section 4: Social Engineering and Web Application Attacks
Chapter 14: Performing Client-Side Attacks – Social Engineering
Chapter 15: Understanding Website Application Security
Chapter 16: Advanced Website Penetration Testing
Chapter 17: Best Practices for the Real World
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About this book

Kali Linux is the most popular and advanced penetration testing Linux distribution within the cybersecurity industry. Using Kali Linux, a cybersecurity professional will be able to discover and exploit various vulnerabilities and perform advanced penetration testing on both enterprise wired and wireless networks.

This book is a comprehensive guide for those who are new to Kali Linux and penetration testing that will have you up to speed in no time. Using real-world scenarios, you’ll understand how to set up a lab and explore core penetration testing concepts. Throughout this book, you’ll focus on information gathering and even discover different vulnerability assessment tools bundled in Kali Linux. You’ll learn to discover target systems on a network, identify security flaws on devices, exploit security weaknesses and gain access to networks, set up Command and Control (C2) operations, and perform web application penetration testing. In this updated second edition, you’ll be able to compromise Active Directory and exploit enterprise networks. Finally, this book covers best practices for performing complex web penetration testing techniques in a highly secured environment.

By the end of this Kali Linux book, you’ll have gained the skills to perform advanced penetration testing on enterprise networks using Kali Linux.


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