McAfee Network Security Platform Manager v9.2.9.5 – دانلود نرم افزار

McAfee Network Security Platform Manager محصول شرکت McAfee یک Platform امنیتی نسل جدید و پیشرفته بر پایه IPS یا Intrusion Prevention System است که به شرکت‌ها و سازمان‌های کوچک و بزرگ این امکان را می‌دهد تا بتوانند در مقابل حملات پیشرفته سایبری، مقاوم باشد و تا حد ممکن جلوی نفوذ افراد خارجی را بگیرند. اساس کاری این نرم افزار مرور و بازبینی ترافیک‌های انتقالی شبکه است و در صورت مشاهده هرگونه ترافیک مشکوک، مدیر سیستم را مطلع می‌سازد یا در غیاب مدیر، ترافیک را مسدود می‌کند. این نرم افزار با بهره‌گیری از سنسورهایی که بر روی ترافیک پیاده‌سازی می‌شوند اقدام به کنترل نقل و انتقالات می‌کند.

قابلیت‌های نرم افزار McAfee Network Security Platform Manager:
  • تأمین امنیت سازمان‌ها با پایه IPS و مسدودسازی ترافیک مشکوک
  • مناسب برای شرکت‌های کوچک و بزرگ
  • اطلاع‌رسانی به مدیر سیستم در صورت مشاهده ترافیک مشکوک
  • قابلیت تنظیم خودکارسازی تصمیم‌گیری در مواقع حساس
  • سازگار با زیر ساخت‌های شبکه‌ای McAfee

لینک دانلود نرم افزار McAfee Network Security Platform Manager v9.2.9.5


دانلود – حجم: 1.08 گيگابايت

نرم افزار به صورت License شده است و نیازی به فعال‌سازی ندارد.

رمز فايل:

McAfee Network Security Platform is a next-generation intrusion prevention system (IPS) that redefines how organizations block advanced threats. In testing by NSS Labs, McAfee Network Security Platform proved to be effective against all evasion techniques tested (2018). Gartner has positioned McAfee as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDPS) for the 11th year in a row.

Operating System:
Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 Standard or Enterprise (x64)
Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard or Datacenter (x64)
Windows Server 2016 Standard (Recommended) (x64)

– Memory: 16 GB RAM or more
– CPU: Intel Xeon
– Disk space: 300 GB or more
– Network: 100 Mbps or more
– Monitor: 32-bit color, 1440 x 900 display setting

McAfee Network Security Platform Manager

– Block more intrusions than ever before
Stop new and unknown attacks with signature-based and signature-less inspection. Signature-less intrusion detection technology allows the IPS to identify malicious network traffic and stops never-before-seen attacks for which no signatures exist.

– Unify cloud and physical security
Support for VMware NSX and OpenStack allows organizations to unify security across physical and virtual networks. Support for network virtualization in VMware NSX allows administrators to scale security with virtual workloads in private clouds as they are created and moved. Virtual solutions protect public cloud workloads in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure environments.

– Maximize security and performance
Built around a cutting-edge hardware platform that scales to speeds over 320 Gbps, and a Security Connected approach that leverages data from multiple products, we provide the intrusion protection and visibility you need.

– Flexible deployment options
Support for McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange delivers real-time threat awareness across both physical and virtual networks. Integration with McAfee Advanced Threat Defense and McAfee MOVE AntiVirus empowers organizations to automate advanced security to the software-defined data center.

– Plug the gaps between security products
McAfee Network Security Platform is the only IPS delivering a threat defense architecture that integrates across multiple products. Share security data across your organization, enabling connected devices to learn and respond to threats in real time.

– Enhance threat correlation and context
Collect flow data from switches and routers. Integration with McAfee Network Threat Behavior Analysis correlates unusual network behavior caused by intrusions.

– Extend botnet intrusion detection and network analysis
Integration with McAfee Network Threat Behavior Analysis adds advanced correlation and behavior-based algorithms. Find stealthy botnets, worms, and reconnaissance attacks hiding across the network landscape.

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