The Complete Cybersecurity Bootcamp: Threat Defense, Ethical Hacking, and Incident Handling

ویدئو آموزشی The Complete Cybersecurity Bootcamp: Threat Defense, Ethical Hacking, and Incident Handling یک دوره بسیار جامع بصورت کمپ در خصوص امنیت سایبری حرفه ای و دفاع در برار تهدیدات، هک اخلاقی و مدیریت حوادث می باشد. در دوره حرفه ای امنیت سایبری (The Complete Cybersecurity) در ابتدا شما با اصول اصلی و کلیدی امنیت آشنا می شوید و در ادامه به صورت کاملا حرفه ای با مدیریت امنیت سایبری، نحوه نظارت و تجزیه و تحلیل، امنیت شبکه تله متری، بررسی جرایم رایانه ای و نحوه واکنش DFIR، اصول هک اخلاقی و تست نفوذ، هک کردن بی سیم پیشرفته و تست نفوذ، امنیت دستگاه تلفن همراه و امنیت IoT آشنا می شوید.

لینک دانلود ویدئو آموزشی امنیت سایبری حرفه ای – The Complete Cybersecurity Bootcamp: Threat Defense, Ethical Hacking, and Incident Handling


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Performing Firewall Reconnaissance and Tunneling




  • Copyright 2018
  • Edition: 1st
  • Price: $750.46
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-525547-3
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-525547-6
  • By: Omar Santos, Ron Taylor, Chris McCoy, Jon Sternstein
  • Published: Jun 6, 2018 by Pearson IT Certification
More than 25 Hours of Expert Video Instruction

This course is a complete guide to help you get up and running with your cybersecurity career. You will learn the key tenets and fundamentals of networking and security basics; cybersecurity management, monitoring and analysis; network security telemetry; digital forensics and incident response (DFIR); fundamentals of ethical hacking and penetration testing; advanced wireless hacking and pen testing; mobile device security, and IoT Security.

This Complete Video Course provides a complete learning path for building your skills as a cyber security professional. You will start with the fundamental concepts, so you can increase your core knowledge before quickly moving on to actually working through pen testing and ethical hacking projects—so you can start to build your skills. Omar Santos, best-selling Cisco Press and Pearson security author and trainer, has compiled the lessons in this title from other training courses. You will find that the lessons build on each in an easy-to-follow organization, so you can move through the topics at your own pace.

This course provides supplemental material to reinforce some of the critical concepts and techniques that the reader has learned and provides scripts that help you build your own hacking environment, examples of real-life penetration testing reports, and more. This material can be found at

Topics include:

Module 1: Networking and Security Basics
Module 2: Cybersecurity Management, Monitoring, and Analysis
Module 3: Network Security Telemetry
Module 4: Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR)
Module 5: Fundamentals of Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing
Module 6: Advanced Wireless Hacking and Penetration Testing
Module 7: Mobile Device Security
Module 8: Internet of Things (IoT) Security

Skill Level
  • All levels
Who Should Take This Course

This course serves as comprehensive guide for anyone who would like to start a career in cyber security.

Course Requirements

Requires basic knowledge of Internet and networking technology.

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