Lab Minutes – Cisco SD WAN Basic and Advanced

این بسته ویدیویی دارای یک مجموعه آموزش کامل برای سیسکو Software Defined WAN است. با بیش از 29 ساعت آموزش ویدیویی و آزمایشگاهی ، می توانید با سرعت بیشتری  با فناوری SD-Wan بیشتر آشنا شوید. این بسته ویدئویی به شما کمک می کند تا پایه و اساس فناوری Cisco SD-Wan (Viptela) را ایجاد کنید. این دوره با ارائه بنیادی Cisco SD-Wan از طریق نصب همه اجزای کلیدی از جمله کنترل کننده ها (Vmanage ، Vbond ، Vsmart) و نوع مجموعه ای از روترهای WAN Edge (ISR4K ، Vedge ، Vedge Cloud) آغاز می شود. شما یاد می گیرید که چگونه دستگاه ها را با استفاده از قالب ها پیکربندی کنید و مسیریابی و اتصال اساسی را بر روی SD-WAN خود آماده برای عبور ترافیک از این بستر به شما آموزش داده می شود. این دوره شامل، دوره مقدماتی و پیشرفته می باشد.

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SD-WAN Multicast

Date: 2024
Price: $368
Publisher: LabMinutes
Format: Video + PDF
Duration: 29h
Website: Link

Lab Minutes – Cisco SD WAN Basic and Advanced
This video bundle features a complete video download set for Cisco Software Defined WAN (Basic). With over 11 hours of lab video tutorial, you will be able to get up to speed and become more familiar with the technologies.

This video bundle helps you lay a foundation to Cisco SD-WAN (Viptela) technology. The video series begins by providing you with the fundamental of Cisco SD-WAN before walking you through installations of all the key components including the controllers (vManage, vBond, vSmart) and assorted type of WAN Edge routers (ISR4K, vEdge, vEdge Cloud). You will learn how to configure devices using templates. By the end of the video series, you will have basic routing and connectivity established over your SD-WAN overlay ready to pass traffic. The next generation WAN is here so do not miss out this learning opportunity.

Not knowing which video to start with?
We recommend all videos to be viewed sequentially due to the high dependency of prior labs

Sample Videos
RS0136 – SD-WAN Fundamental
RS0137 – SD-WAN Controllers Installation

Video List

  • RS0136 – SD-WAN Fundamental
  • RS0137 – SD-WAN Controllers Installation
  • RS0138 – SD-WAN ISR 4K Installation
  • RS0139 – SD-WAN vEdge Cloud Installation
  • RS0140 – SD-WAN ZTP and PnP
  • RS0141 – SD-WAN Introduction to Web Interface
  • RS0142 – SD-WAN Device Basic Templates
  • RS0143 – SD-WAN Device Common Templates
  • RS0144 – SD-WAN Routing (Connected and Static)
  • RS0145 – SD-WAN Routing (BGP and OSPF)
  • RS0146 – SD-WAN AAA
  • RS0147 – SD-WAN Upgrades

Lab Minutes – Cisco SD WAN Advanced
This video bundle takes the foundation knowledge you already have on Cisco SD-WAN (Viptela) technology and applies it towards advanced capabilities. The main focus of this video series is around policy configuration and how it allows you to take advantage of Cisco SD-WAN to it fullest. The topics covered include traffic engineering across multiple transports, routing topology manipulation, QoS, security with segmentation and ZBFW, and much more. This is a great learning opportunity to take you Cisco SD-WAN knowledge to the next level.

Not knowing which video to start with?
We can skip ahead to your topic of interest, although there are some configuration dependency of previous labs. To maximize learning experience, we recommend all videos to be viewed sequentially.

Sample Videos
RS0148 – SD-WAN Policy Overview
RS0149 – SD-WAN Local BGP OSPF Route Control

Video List

  • RS0148 – SD-WAN Policy Overview
  • RS0149 – SD-WAN Local BGP OSPF Route Control
  • RS0150 – SD-WAN TLOC Extension
  • RS0151 – SD-WAN Dual Transports
  • RS0152 – SD-WAN Traffic Engineering (Control)
  • RS0153 – SD-WAN Topology
  • RS0154 – SD-WAN ACL FW and Traffic Engineering (Data)
  • RS0155 – SD-WAN Application-Aware Routing
  • RS0156 – SD-WAN Multicast
  • RS0157 – SD-WAN QoS and Mirroring
  • RS0158 – SD-WAN cFlowd
  • RS0159 – SD-WAN VPN Segmentation
  • RS0160 – SD-WAN Service Chaining
  • RS0161 – SD-WAN Network Address Translation
  • RS0162 – SD-WAN Zone-Based Firewall
  • RS0163 – SD-WAN Cloud OnRamp SaaS
  • RS0164 – SD-WAN Programmability
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