INE CCIE Collaboration v3 Exam Review

دوره سیسکو CCIE Collaboration v3 Exam Review برای مهندسان شبکه های ویدئویی، تلفن های IP و مهندسان شبکه های IP که می خواهند همکاری و مهارت های ویدئویی خود را در راستای همگرایی صدا، ویدئو، داده ها و برنامه های تلفن همراه توسعه دهند و پیشرفت کنند، می باشد.

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حجم : 2.88 گيگابايت

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رمز فايل:

Dial Peers – CCIE Collaboration v3 Exam Review

INSTRUCTOR: Rohit Pardasani
Course Duration: 15h 12m
Difficulty Level: Advanced
Publisher: INE

CCIE Collaboration v3 Exam Review

This course serves as a final review of the various topics you’ve studied as you’ve progressed through INE’s CCIE Collaboration v3.0 Learning Path of courses. Meant to be viewed perhaps two-to-three weeks prior to sitting for your actual exam, this course provides a final overview of many of the major topics covered in the exam so you can ascertain those last few topics for which you need to polish your skills.

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