O'Reilly Security Conference 2017 – New York, NY کنفرانس امنیت

کنفرانس امنیت O’Reilly با حضور دست اندرکاران حوزه فناوری برگزار می شود. در این رویداد به مباحث متنوع حوزه فناوری اطلاعات، شامل فضاهای ابری، رایانش ابری، محافظت از اسناد دیجیتالی، Defense، نرم افزار امنیتی، سبک زندگی دیجیتالی و … پرداخته می شود و صاحب نظران در آن به بحث و گفتگو می نشینند.

 دانلود O’Reilly Security Conference 2017 – New York, NY

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O’Reilly Security Conference 2017 – New York, NY


Length 1h 30m MP4

by O’Reilly Media, Inc.
Publisher: O’Reilly Media, Inc.
Release Date: October 2017
ISBN: 9781491985359

Table of Contents
Great software is secure software. – Chris Wysopal (Veracode) 00:17:51
The Dao of defense: Choosing battles based on the seven chakras of security – Katie Moussouris (Luta Security) 00:22:09
Enterprise security: A new hope – Haroon Meer (Thinkst) 00:20:32
Why cloud-native enterprise security matters (sponsored by Pivotal) – Matt Stine (Pivotal) 00:04:54
Empowering through security – Fredrick Lee (Square) 00:25:03
Building a culture of security at the New York Times – Runa Sandvik (New York Times) 00:20:06
An infinite set of security tools – Window Snyder (Fastly ) 00:11:49
2017 O’Reilly Defender Awards – Rachel Roumeliotis (O’Reilly Media), Allison Miller (Google) 00:09:32

Security NYC 2017 provided a hype-free, lessons-learned examination of the sophisticated practices and cutting-edge techniques some of the world’s best security professionals use to protect their networks, clouds, and data. Defining the speakers who presented at Security NYC 2017 as some of the “world’s best” is not hype—it’s the truth. The individuals chosen to speak were peer reviewed by a 40-person program committee consisting of in-the-trenches security practitioners working at companies like American Airlines, Microsoft, MedSec, White Ops, Endgame, Snyk, Fastly, Starbucks, Signal Sciences, VeraCode, and more. Containing 50+ hours of material, this video compilation provides a complete recording of each of the keynote speeches, tutorials, and technical sessions delivered by this esteemed group. A few of the conference’s highlights are listed below.

Hear Ruchi Shah (Google) describe the 15 security issues that worry Google the most
Listen as Matt Stine (Pivotal) defines the three most critical principles of cloud-native security
Watch Jen Ellis (Rapid7) outline the crisis communication strategy to follow when systems are breached
Learn from the “Teachable Moments” sessions where security successes and failures are openly discussed
Discover how Alexandra Ulsh (Mapbox) launches and runs highly successful bug bounty programs
See Alex Pinto (Niddel) demo automated threat hunting techniques that incorporate analyst intuitions
Watch Jack Naglieri (Airbnb) survey the top techniques to build, deploy, and debug serverless security
Take in Michee Smith’s (Google) analysis of the pluses and minuses of transparency reporting
Hear Jason Hoenich’s (Habitu8) call for an industry shift to a better form of security awareness
Get tutorials on maximizing container security, automated assessment tools, and common threat defenses
See the winners of the 2017 O’Reilly Defender Awards and learn why they were chosen
Enjoy unlimited access to Security 2017 NYC’s keynotes, tutorials, and technical session

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